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Meet Our Dogs

Joshua and Calli live in our home with us. Luna and Comet are 

our daughter's dogs. We all live in Colorado Springs.


Luna is a beautifully marked red merle with sparkling blue eyes. Her curious spirit makes her want to partake in all outdoor adventures. She is friendly, full of energy and full of cuddles. Luna is Joshua and Calli's first born from their first litter. She weighs 60 pounds and is 22" tall. Her DNA panel is completely clear. Luna's elbows are normal and her hips are in good condition according to her OFA testing. 

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Comet, a blue eyed, red tri male, is 1 and a 1/2, but is all puppy. He is a love bug, full of energy and loves all he meets, human or animal. Comet is our biggest Aussie, weighing around 80 pounds and is 24" tall. He has a completely clear DNA panel. He will have his OFA completed after his 2nd birthday.

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Our sweet "Joshie" is a stunning Red Tri with a very loving and gentle personality. He loves to talk to you when he is happy. He weighs 55 pounds and is 22" tall. Joshua has a clear DNA panel with the exception of one copy of MDR1. His elbows are normal and his hips are in excellent condition according to his OFA testing. 

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Calli is our shy, yet friendly, water loving, blue eyed, blue merle, who waggles her backside whenever people are around. Her loyalty is a perfect example of the common trait you will find in most Aussies. Calli weighs 60 pounds and is 22" tall. She has a completely clear DNA panel and OFA classifies her with normal elbows and mild right hip dysplasia.

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